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When it comes to capturing pictures at your wedding, it likely seems that you possibly can’t have enough. While the truth is that quantity does matter, the quality of the photographs taken matters as well. There are certain images that you don’t want your Calgary wedding photographer to miss, such as the first cut of the cake, the first kiss after the ceremony, and walk down the aisle. There are others, however, that may be equally as important to you. It is crucial that you consider which images you just can’t do without, and discuss them with the photographer before the big day arrives.

Not All Guests are Equally Adored

When it comes to capturing your guests on film, your wedding photographer won’t know your beloved mother from your not-so-beloved aunt whom you were obligated to invite. Make sure your wedding photographer knows which guests are the most important to you so they will make up the bulk of the wedding guest photographs. Sitting them together during the reception will make the photographer’s job much easier and will also help capture the moments of the people you love most sharing one of the biggest days of your life with you.

Think About Your Venue’s Hot Spots

Is there a lake behind the church? Is there a beautiful archway leading into the reception room? There are certain spots where the ceremony and reception are being held that may grab you and you want to get images of yourself in those very spots to put in your wedding album. Make sure to create a list of these spots before the wedding and take the time to ensure that your Calgary wedding photographer knows each spot and where it is located beforehand.

What Shots Have You Always Dreamed Of?

Calgary Wedding PhotographersHave you always imagined a shot of your soon-to-be husband feeding you that first bite of cake? Or perhaps you’ve always dreamt of a picture of the entire wedding party lined up before the ceremony. Make sure you communicate these desires to your photographer so he can be sure to get the shots on the day of the ceremony.

Who Do You Want Exclusives With?

Is your grandmother going to be celebrating your day with you? Do you want a picture with your mother? How about a shot of you and your father? Or maybe you want some candid pics of you and your sister. Whoever you want an exclusive photograph with on the day of your wedding, make sure that you make a list for the photographer so he can be sure to grab exclusive shots of you with those people on the day of your wedding.
Your wedding is a day you will always remember and you want to make sure that you get the perfect pictures to mark the memories of that day. By keeping the above tips in mind you can ensure that your photographer is able to get the shots that you are not only hoping for, but are expecting, for your wedding album.

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